Sunday 26 February 2012

8: Processing, Penwortham and Pointless Signs

Hello, welcome to the lastest Railwaymedia Blog.

Well, there's been a bit of a gap since the last blog, mainly because frankly I've not really been anywhere. I have however been taking the opportunity to catch up with my reprocessing of pictures and have got through something like 200 this week. I've got another two weeks of night shifts to come so I'm looking forward to completing those from 2005 and maybe even moving forward to 2006. The majority of the pictures are already up on the Railwaymedia Website but the ones I'm doing will hopefully be processed to a better standard, and more importantly to a larger size. Here's perhaps my favourite photo from the batch I've done this week, taken at Manningtree on the final day of class 86 passenger operation on the London to Norwich line:

In fact this past week I have only taken one picture. I noticed Wednesday dinnertime that 47818 was heading south from Carlisle with the coaches that had been being used on the Sellafield 'Glo-ex' workers train. I just had enough time to nip to the nearest point to me on the WCML, the bridge on Bee Lane in Penwortham, though I didn't have any luck with either the line it turned up on nor the fast moving clouds which came across at the wrong moment. 

The six weeks trial of this working has now unfortunately ended; see Blog numbers 2 and 6 for photos of it when it was running. The coaches have apparently gone to Crewe for storage. It's a shame this train has finished as I was looking forward to getting more shots of it later in the year when the light is better then it has been during the trial period.

Well as that's all the 'news' I'll finish with this editions 'Stupid Sign'. I've got a bit of a dilemna for this weeks contribution. I had come across this being worn by a member of staff at Crewe station which I was going to use. You would think at some point in the process of order, manufacture, dispatch and acceptance SOMEONE would have noticed the non-deliberate mistake:

Then, though, I came across this on Saturday whilst having a jaunt by bus to some pubs along the North Wales Coast. To me this is the definate winner for this week. I can only assume it's there just on the off chance someone jumps on enroute to install a Fire Extinguisher?

Well thanks again for reading. I'll aim to do another blog in a week, though again I'm not expecting to get out and about much so it will depend whether I have anything to report, or can think of anything to say! All the best for now.

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